Big Apple

Well, I’m in NYC at the moment, and last night I saw the Night of January 16th. It was splendid. Got a lot of good ideas for the site as well. More when I get back to San Diego.

God freaking dammit, it’s cold here. How did I ever live in this kind of ridiculous weather? How does anyone do this?

I also got a chance to play in Todd’s d20-Modern campaign. It’s always so much fun to be the special guest star in a D & D campaign. Plus, I got to see Tommy Black and Christa, Dan Nee, Ed Seminara, Rit the Mighty Monkey of Doom, et al. I even got to plan Soul Calibur 2 against some decent competition. I believe the final score was somewhere around 20-13 in my favor.

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  1. On February 15th, 2004 at 11:23:30, I dunno Said:

    You think its cold there come up to the great north. On the north side of the jet stream, thats were its cold ;)

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