First Non-Fake Post!

I’ve updated the skin quite a bit, shifted paradigms somewhat. I realized that it can’t look exactly like an Ayn Rand novel’s cover. That design is optimized for a book cover, not a web page. As such, it results in lots of wasted space on the screen. No good. I brought in an outside consultant to the project for a fresh set of eyes, and it was just the kick that I needed. Now it’s a much more dynamic style, and looks overall much cooler.

Also, and thisis really the big news, the site finally has its first non-demo post! Ya know, like, content, man. Far out. I’m also pretty excited because I’m going to be flying out to see the show (NOJ16 by Ayn Rand.)

And, as an extra special note, on the gallery page, I made it so that the Galt’s Gulch pic doesn’t break the format. Hooray for width=100%!

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