How to handle the new HP-based Sorcery

I’ve modified the sorceror class slightly to make a class that’s something like a sayin.

The idea: Sorcerors cast spells by drawing on their physical body. Therefore, they must work on their stamina and fortitude in order to have the energy to cast spells.

The - side: Sorcerors lose hps when they cast spells.
The + side: Sorcerors roll a d10 for hit points, and are strongly encouraged to have a high Constitution score. The “max spells per level per day” numbers are greatly increased - however, a prudent sorceror will know better than to over-extend himself.

Coming Soon!

Tables and equations with the math stuffs.

One Response to “How to handle the new HP-based Sorcery”

  1. On July 23rd, 2004 at 15:22:27, Isaac Schlueter Said:

    The tables and equations and math crap is all sitting on http://localhost at my home computer. No need to put it here. If anyone wants it here, leave a comment or something, and I’ll see your request.

    Whether or not I do anything about your request…
    Well, that’d be askin’ an aweful lot.

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