My b2blog has moved out of the shadows!

I finally got around to moving the b2evolution blog out of the backwoods of anonymity at and into the forefront where you see it now. I used a little header("Location:..") stuff to send you here.

I’ve realized that playing with the code and design is the most fun part of making a web page. I suppose that makes me at best a so-so blogger, or rather, a special sort of codemonkey blogger. Regular bloggers want an app that does all the work for them. Codemonkey bloggers just blog so that they have an excuse to play with web design. I keep telling myself, “Once I get this project done, I can just sit back and be satisfied with it.” But I know, deep down, even if I come up with the perfect skin, I’ll still want to play around with it, tweaking things and adding stuff.

Well, time to work on the new ala skin a bit…

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