Friday the 13th

Yay, the unlucky day!

Friday the 13th is great. It means that the 15th is on Sunday, which means that I get paid 2 days early, Yay!

This was a great day, all in all.

Had an interesting conversation with Les today. He mentioned that good and bad news seems to come in waves. Sometimes you get so much bad news in one week that you’re afraid to answer your phone by Wednesday, and other times, you can barely keep up with the ringing of the cash register. I couldn’t agree more. (And not just cause he’s my boss, of course. ;))

That Volition discussion looks like it might start getting interesting. Or it might not. They’re coming back with what you’d expect. (”But Man is special,” “But that’s not what Rand said,” “But you’re saying that we don’t have free will,” etc., etc.) I’m hoping it gets past the “nu-uh!” stage without slipping into the “you suck!” stage.

Jon is taking a 2-month leave of absence. And we got a new addition to Technical Support. I don’t remember her name, but I did get a look at her resume, and I’m thinking she’s gonna rock. That’s good. In fact, I hope that she outperforms me to a high degree, such that it’s ok for me to move into Programming full time.

All this new hiring, though, it’s rough at times, even as it’s a relief. Yeah, we’ve got 2 more warm bodies answering phones - but I really can’t get shit done sometimes because I’m answering their questions. I mean, of course, I want to answer their questions. I want to make sure that they understand, and explain it as perfectly as possible and make them feel comfortable asking me as well, so that they’ll do it the next time they’re confused. A few minutes explaining something properly to a new tech is still FAR easier than unpacking the mess that can be made when we screw a client up. (On top of fixing the problem, I then have to save DSI’s reputation with the client. I’ve found the best way to do that is just to fix the problem as fast as possible, say nothing about the error, and move on. Seems to work. But I cannot express how annoying it is to be in that position.)

All in all, DSI is a fun place to work. At this point, I might be able to get a better job, in terms of financial and educational benefit, but in a way, I’m really not looking forward to the day that I break with DSI. It’s a nice little company. Of course, my plans are to be making more money inside of 5 years, while pursuing my goals in life more directly, and nothing at all will stop me from that. This is training. And training doesn’t last forever. As great as it is, the thought of working at DSI in 5 years terrifies me.

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