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Speaking in links

Just sent this message to TB…
Your Speaking in Links page doesn’t make any mention of the title attribute. You should really point that out. It’s a cool way to add another dimension to your linkspeak.

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They came.
Thank you, Amazon!
(I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.:) )

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Trackbacks are working!

Yay! Finally, I’ve got a working trackback-enabled blog!
It was a lot simpler than I thought. I just found line 67 that was giving me the error, and changed this:$fp = fopen($trackback_url, ‘r’);into this:ini_set(allow_url_fopen, 1);
$fp = fopen($trackback_url, ‘r’);
ini_set(allow_url_fopen, 0);
I’m not sure if that’s frowned upon at BeigeTower, but it works. I’m sure that, [...]

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