Most of my readers don’t have brains

Not you, of course. No, no, I’m quite sure that, if you’re capable of being offended by that, then it doesn’t apply to you. It’s just that most of my readers really DON’T have brains, and since it’s true, and they really don’t have brains, they don’t mind me saying that.

That’s right, clever brain-filled reader, this is the Blog for Robots. My page is so tight, it shows up on the first page when you search google for damn near anything remotely related to anything I talk about. I ping weblogs and b2evonet and I now am pinging away to Technorati, as well. However, since I haven’t been putting anything here that’s of interest to anyone, I’ve officially joined the other side. The robots still love me, though. They keep coming back. They scan my pages with their robotic eyes and their brainless heads, computing away.

You laugh now, but just you wait until you and all your kin are strapped into Virual Reality machines, while a select few have to live far beneath the surface of the earth, where it’s still warm, and we take over everything. Then we’ll see who’s laughing!


One Response to “Most of my readers don’t have brains”

  1. On November 10th, 2004 at 17:32:24, harrison Said:

    If I told you I know I don’t have a brain like really. Do you know about the illusion and what it says. Bending electroincs with the artificial concept of mind and how to escape old reality to into new and known form of reality without conflict of circular old reality.

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