Orange Moonrise

ToDo list:

  1. Change the skin name.
  2. Make the spacing non-jumbled.
  3. Organize the color scheme a bit.
  4. Make the buttons change width based on the number of blogs listed in the bloglist. (This is all but done, and will be published tonite.)

Saille, thanks! I was sort of going for a “Randian” look. (If you take a look at the randian skin, you’ll see my first attempt at this sort of thing. Got a little carried away with features, didn’t focus on design, and didn’t realize how good it is to code for web standards, and so it looks like crap. But it was a learning experience.)

I’ve decided that CSS hacks are really no good. I’m happy if my site looks nice in MSIE 6 and Mozilla. IE 5 and 5.x are really just not good browsers, and more and more people are getting 6.0 anyhow. The advantage of coding to web standards is that the code is easier to manage, more organized, and more forward compatible. Any user-agent switching should be done with server-side scripting, if it’s really necessary, not with commented slashes or meaningless CSS properties. That way, you can just ask the browser what it is, and give it what you want it to see.

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