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Trackback Test

I just updated to the newest version of b2evolution from CVS. So, some things might stop working, but my hope is that more things will start working. In total confidence and perhaps dumb faith, I also uploaded all the changed files to BeigeTower.
This post is a test of the trackback feature. Next, [...]

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Search for Truth

I had a great philosophy professor in college. I took Phil215 with him, Logic. His name was Dr. Greco. (”Was” because, sadly, he died last year. :’( Humanity lost a great mind that day.)
Dr. Greco was from Italy, and yet, he had a greater command of the English language than most Americans. [...]

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Soldier’s World

This guy is one of the frequent posters over at the b2evolution forums. His blog is a lot of ranting, some of it amusing. He was kind enough to put a link to me on his site, and I’m returning the favor.

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