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MC Hawking

A sample from the Hawkmaster:
Sometimes I sit in my car and just listen to Laslo,
rock the chatterbox with the serious flow.
Then I gotta get getting while the getting’s still good,
so I take a quick spin to 8-Balls in Harwood.
The car don’t make it on account of mafiosos,
hood in flames, I’m hoofing past the po-po.
Sure it’s [...]

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

We’ve all seen this passage, typically used to show off design or typography without adding any content. However, the content is quite interesting. Cicero denounces sacrifice and upholds rational egoism. Here is the full passage, translated by H. Rackman.
Read on for the translation.

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Moonrise Skin

So, I’ve finally finished this skin. Tweaked up all the spacing and colors nicely. Accounted for possibly not having a bloglist. Found a really pretty couple of pictures to use for the header and tagline. Ever since the summer I turned 13 and made out with a girl who smelled like [...]

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