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Orange Moonrise II

Used a little php in _bloglist.php to set the bloglist buttons to the correct width based on the number of blogs in the bloglist.
Set pretty much all the padding and margin values to 0, since I have to set up the spacing again anyhow to make it look nice, and that’s just an easy blank [...]

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Orange Moonrise

ToDo list:

Change the skin name.
Make the spacing non-jumbled.
Organize the color scheme a bit.
Make the buttons change width based on the number of blogs listed in the bloglist. (This is all but done, and will be published tonite.)

Saille, thanks! I was sort of going for a “Randian” look. (If you take a look at [...]

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Volition came up at the Objectivism Online forum. It’s only a matter of time before it comes up when there’s enough objectivists (like, at least 3) in the same conversation.
Well, of course, I had to throw my two cents in. Read on to read my post.

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