Technorati II

Well, it looks like things are more different than I had thought at first. I took a look at the other functions, and it’s quite different. Here’s what I got in place now, and this post is a test.

The function in b2evocore/_functions_pings.php:

* pingTechnorati(-)
* pings
* Hacked into b2evolution by Isaac Schlueter
function pingTechnorati(& $blogparams, $display = true ) {
  global $use_technoratiping, $blogfilename;
  if(!$use_technoratiping) return false;
  if( $display ) {
    echo “<div class=”panelinfo”>n”;
    echo ‘<h3>’, T_(’Pinging…’), “</h3>n”;
  if( !preg_match( ‘#^http://localhost[/:]#’, $baseurl) ) {
    $client = new xmlrpc_client(”/rpc/ping”, “”, 80);
    $message = new xmlrpcmsg(””, array(new xmlrpcval(get_bloginfo(’name’, $blogparams)),
new xmlrpcval(get_bloginfo(’blogurl’, $blogparams).”/”)));
    $result = $client->send($message);
    $ret = xmlrpc_displayresult( $result );
    if (!$result || $result->faultCode()) {
      if( $display ) echo “<p>”, T_(’Aborted (Running on localhost).’), “</p>n</div>n”;
    } else {
      if( $display ) echo ‘<p>’, T_(’Done.’), “</p>n</div>n”;
  } else {
    if( $display ) echo “<p>”, T_(’Aborted (Running on localhost).’), “</p>n</div>n”;

Then, in admin/edit_actions.php, I added this:

pingb2evonet($blogparams, $post_ID, $post_title);
pingCafelog($cafelogID, $post_title, $post_ID);
pingTechnorati($blogparams); // <= Add that part

Let’s see if this works now…

2 Responses to “Technorati II”

  1. On February 1st, 2004 at 02:32:40, Isaac Said:

    Woohoo! It worked!

    Response: 0 |||| Thanks for the ping. ||||


  2. On February 1st, 2004 at 03:25:11, David Sifry Said:

    Cool, it appears to be working! Keep up the good work. Also, please put your code and advice up on our developers wiki - I’m sure lots of other people would love to learn from your experience.

    – Dave

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