Trackback Test

2004-02-25 21:31:21
Wow, this has been a bitch to post. There’s something wrong in _functions.php that generates a MySQL error whenever you try to add a post that has a link in it.

Isolated the error, though, and restored that file back to the earlier version.

One Response to “Trackback Test”

  1. On February 29th, 2004 at 17:16:24, Schlueterica Said:

    Trackbacks are working!Yay! Finally, I’ve got a working trackback-enabled blog!

    It was a lot simpler than I thought. I just found line 67 that was giving me the error, and changed this:$fp = fopen($trackback_url, ‘r’);into this:ini_set(allow_url_fopen, 1);
    $fp = fopen($tr…

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