DnD Campaign

What’s happened so far

I’ll give as brief a summary as I can manage.

Drizzst and Rudin met in the north, in the Durar Underdark. (The Drowish name for the area is “Drulrar.”) Some agents of Drizzst’s Brother, Lozsthrisn, came after Drizzst, and he made a hasty escape to the surface, knowing that any Drow would be a fool to follow. In the process, he recruited a dwarven mercenary, Rudin.

They took a job for the Corleone family, and got swept up into a mob war. Mistakes were made, and so were enemies. NPCs bit the dust. They got captured, and were brought far to the south. They convinced their captors that they had no allegiance to either the Corleones or the Montegues, and would be of value to the ship and its crew. They then proceeded to give them the slip, and make a few more enemies.

They hightailed it upriver to Corneria, and found work with a sorceror named Jaybob. They took a mission to protect a shipment of goods to Corneria, the party encountered an encampment of Orcs, who were guarding a gigantic insect-ish orc-thing that was laying eggs.

Saving the day splendidly, and returning with information and a sample of the beast’s eggs, the party was commissioned by the Mayor to figure out where the thing came from and what the orcs were doing with a creature like that.

They travelled north, up the river towards the border towns, and found that miles of border towns had just recently been burnt to the ground. Following the path of destruction, they found two things of interest. The first was a small black rod, that they have since discovered is apparently a piece of Antorax, a legendary metal giant of some sort. The other was a 14-year old girl named Newt. Drizzst has taken her under his wing, and has taught her how to use a dagger well enough to not hurt herself.

The trail of destruction ended, eventually, but no more clues were to be found. A 100-mile stretch of towns were destroyed, completely. Quite a bit further up the road, they reached Skid Town.

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  1. On June 27th, 2004 at 23:19:54, Schlueterica Said:

    DnD CampaignLast time, our heroes had encountered a scaly egg-laying thing, and were completely in the dark about the Imaskari. Since we didn’t manage to play today, I decided that I’d blog what’s gone on so far.

    Wow, reading over the last DnD post, I’m sort o…

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