DnD Campaign

Not far from Skid Town, in the mountains, there is a portal into the Middledrar Underdark. It seemed clear that the orcish developments entailed some sort of collaboration with Drowish or Imaskari magic. (The Imaskari are at war with some groups of Drow. They are powerful and ruthless underdark wizards.) A passage into the underdark seemed a likely place to persue some more information.

Drizzst gave Newt $1000, and saw to it that she had a room rented for the next month. He told her that he’d be back as soon as he could, if he could, and left her to make it on her own. (Come on, he’s a Drow, she’s lucky he didn’t eat her. Besides, a dungeon is no place for a little girl.)

On the way, they encountered a new sort of beast. It stands about 10′ tall, and at first, looks like an ogre in black full plate. On closer investigation, one realizes that it’s not wearing armor, but rather an exoskeleton. Its “helmet” is really an insectoid head. They ran alongside drow wearing the colors of the Mizsztrist clan. (The Mizsztrist are allied with the Dumlalglan, who are known for their cunning, and currenlty have an alliance with Drizzst’s brother that they cannot afford to break.)

They killed a few of these things, and a few drow, and took heavy damage. They then realized that the party that they defeated was just a single group within a party of hundreds. They hightailed it back to Skid town to rest and recoup.

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  1. On June 27th, 2004 at 23:19:54, Schlueterica Said:

    DnD CampaignLast time, our heroes had encountered a scaly egg-laying thing, and were completely in the dark about the Imaskari. Since we didn’t manage to play today, I decided that I’d blog what’s gone on so far.

    Wow, reading over the last DnD post, I’m sort o…

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