DnD Campaign

Mizsztrist and Middledrar
After spending a few weeks resting from their injuries, recruiting a handful of mercenaries, and saying hi to Newt, they headed back out to scout around and check the situation. The regiment sent out an emissary, a Captain in the army training in this wilderness. Drizzst learned that the Mizsztrist hold no allegiance whatsoever to Drizzst’s brother. In fact, they weren’t really too sure that they liked this whole “war with the Imaskari” thing.

The Captian, Zsirt, gave the party a badge of free passage. They had nothing to worry about from the scaled ogres.

In the Middledrar, the party, accompanied by 4 swordsmen and 2 archers, took out a naga, and found the path to Mortok City. MC is a town far on the outskirts of areas where the Mizsztrist and the Tzszirim houses hold power. It’s absolutely lawless, even by underdark standards. The party established that they could hold their own in town by blasting a few trolls who thought to rob them.

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  1. On June 27th, 2004 at 23:19:54, Schlueterica Said:

    DnD CampaignLast time, our heroes had encountered a scaly egg-laying thing, and were completely in the dark about the Imaskari. Since we didn’t manage to play today, I decided that I’d blog what’s gone on so far.

    Wow, reading over the last DnD post, I’m sort o…

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