DnD Campaign

Who/what is antorax?
What’s going on with the orcs aboveground, and that gigantic egg-laying thing? (This mystery pays $40,000 if they can make it back to Corneria with the info - assuming that Corneria still exists, of course.)
What’s going on with the war between the Imaskari and the Drow?
What’s going on with Drizzst’s brother? Who is the guy?
What’s Newt been up to?

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  1. On June 27th, 2004 at 23:19:54, Schlueterica Said:

    DnD CampaignLast time, our heroes had encountered a scaly egg-laying thing, and were completely in the dark about the Imaskari. Since we didn’t manage to play today, I decided that I’d blog what’s gone on so far.

    Wow, reading over the last DnD post, I’m sort o…

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