Evolution of Language

Vegar, that is very interesting.

I’ve found that I’ve picked up some ability to read Norwegian languages and get the general idea of what’s being said. It’s kinda like it’s written by someone who can’t spell and occasionally makes funny creative marks on his o’s.

Try as people may to control the flow of language, all that does is make headaches. Language will evolve as people speak, and there’s just no fighting it. That’s why I’m glad that there’s no national language in the United States. It’s like we declared early on, “Whatever language people use, that’s what they’ll use, and the Government has no place in that.” There’s a group of stupid conservatives in the US who want to make English the national language, and as HLEL, this greatly disturbs me.

My sworn duty as High Lord of the English Language is to protect our language’s ability to grow and change. The English that we speak bears only a token resemblance to the language of a few centuries ago - it has evolved in the fires of accellerated technology, global economics, and cultural exchange. Our words have gotten more efficient overall. We’ve picked up some phrases from all the languages that were carried to this continent in the mouths and brains of settlers. Our national culture has given rise to beautifully American phrases. (For example, America was the first english-speaking nation to popularize the phrase “to make money.” The common usage in England has traditionally been “to earn money,” implying that there’s some fixed amount, and that you must appeal to some higher power to get a piece of it. In America, however, even our language reflects the law of TANSTAAFL. Yay for capitalism!)

Why, just in my short lifetime, I’ve seen Spanish get notably more prevalent. Technology has caused a revolution in capitalization and hyphenation, and a whole influx of new words like “google” (the verb, mind you, not the proper noun) and “email” and “blog.”

What does the future hold? Who can say?
Who decides the direction that our language will go in? We all do, just by speaking! As long as you are understood, and you convey the intended message (connotation AND denotation, of course; human speech functions on many levels, and style conveys meaning) you used the language properly.

As HLEL, I will smite with Mighty Flame any who dare to dictate the direction of our language’s evolution. If you want to change what people are saying, then you must change their ideas - trying to control language is stupid and absurd.

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