I’m going crazy

Yep, I said it would happen. And it is. I’m currently reinstalling IIS. Don’t ask. A new skin may show up here some time that will be radically different. But first I’ve got to recover from trying to run Apache and IIS together, and from trying to get IIS to understand clean URLs.

Where did $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] go?


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  1. On March 19th, 2004 at 12:59:24, Isaac Said:

    Well, it appears that if you install IIS and then Apache, then remove Apache and re-install IIS, you lose a whole bunch of $_SERVER variables. Can’t run b2evo on my computer any more. Reinstalling IIS and PHP didn’t fix the problem. The only thing that I can think of doing at this point is to backup and reformat.

    Wee. This sucks. Grr.

  2. On March 21st, 2004 at 23:00:08, Isaac's Projects Said:

    UpdatesSo, I reformatted my home and work computers, and reinstalled xp pro and home, repectively.

    Guess what doesn’t still work? I did throw together a workaround that works for b2evo, however, by throwing this up at the top of the _config.php:if(!isset($_…

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