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A quote from The Senior applies well here:
“A person who cannot handle mathematics is not fully human. At best, he is a walking sub-human who has learned to dress himself and eat without making a mess.”

What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Unless you’re an adult human. Then it’s unforgivably disgraceful. But I mean, it’d be pretty neat if a dog could walk and dress himself. I’d be impressed.

And… eudaimonist egoism, that “allows for virtues like self-sacrifice”?!?
Come again? I take it you do know the definition of “egoism,” correct? Is that a joke that I’m just not getting? If so, it’s pretty funny, but I fear that it is not. Well, have fun with that. Perhaps when you’re done you can explain to this egoist extremist how it’s at all selfish to sacrifice oneself. And let me know when you finally teach those pigs to fly, too.

You should read more Nietzsche. Those Christians screwed up your poor head at an early age, I think. “Virtues like self-sacrifice”… Man. I mean, you could accurately define egoism in a nutshell as “a system of morals that specifically denounces self-sacrifice.” And how could it be a search for eudaimonia, the good in itself, the value at which all ends aim, if you’re saying that the renunciation of values is a good thing?

I think that you’re confusing “sacrifice” with “selfish long-range investment.” Or you’re joking.

–Isaac, aka Charlie M.

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