New Monitor

I just bought a new toy. It’s so lovely and great. My desk is so much nicer now.

Last night, I realized that I am beginning to suffer fairly severe (or at least, noticeable) eye and neck strain from the effort of using my old monitor. “No, Isaac, that’s not your crappy vision. Just the crappy monitor that you’re using.”

In addition, my desk has a really weird setup. There’s a really nice pull-out keyboard holder, and a handy board to put a mouse on. But, directly in front of the chair, there’s a bunch of shelves that are about big enough to hold a stack of envelopes or a matchbook. The space for a monitor is way off to the left, so that you’d have to crane your neck and turn the chair all odd to get a good view.

I took a hammer to the shelves, and created a space that’s just big enough to house the base of the monitor. The 173p’s remarkable versatility did the rest. The screen can’t fit in the space, but it’s hangin out just fine sticking up past the top, as if it was made for just this sort of arrangement. My neck is already thanking me.

Also, the portrait layout is super-sweet. It makes webpages and textual work so much nicer. With a quick driver update, I’ve got all the tools I need.

Next step is to get a new video card and plug in the old crappy monitor as a second desktop.

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  1. On March 8th, 2004 at 00:18:04, Vegar Said:

    I used to have a little TV and an old 17″ CRT monitor on my desk, and together they occupied almost all of the space. The monitor was so deep that with the monitor shoved all the way back to the wall, I still had to balance the keyboard on the edge of my desk. My parents gave me a Samsung SyncMaster 172MP combined LCD TV/monitor for Christmas, and now I have tons of space on my desk. It’s really gorgeous, and not painful to look at for long periods of time, like my old monitor was.

    I’d recommend you to ditch the CRT and get yourself an LCD monitor. Believe me, you’ll never look back! :)

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