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That damn Randian Skin

I checked my stats today, and found that nearly all my google hits are heading to the Randian skin. If it wasn’t for the fact that that skin is so abyssmally ugly, I wouldn’t mind.
I think I’m gonna take it down, or at least put a meta tag in there to tell google to [...]

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Quote of the week

I’d love to add this snippet to the support hold music:
Questions will be asked!
And those questions will be destroyed!

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So, I reformatted my home and work computers, and reinstalled xp pro and home, repectively.
Guess what doesn’t still work? I did throw together a workaround that works for b2evo, however, by throwing this up at the top of the _config.php:if(!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) //IIS
if(isset($_SERVER['URL'])) //ISAPI

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