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Moved over to GoDaddy

Hooray, the Objectivist Theatre Company site is moved over to a proper domain name now! After a bit of fussing with Go Daddy’s MySQL and FTP settings, I got it to work. Then, a bit of this in the stub files at took care of the new location:
$redirect = ‘Location:’;if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) $redirect [...]

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New Monitor

I just bought a new toy. It’s so lovely and great. My desk is so much nicer now.
Last night, I realized that I am beginning to suffer fairly severe (or at least, noticeable) eye and neck strain from the effort of using my old monitor. “No, Isaac, that’s not your crappy vision. [...]

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Search for Self

I was cleaning out my old email recently, as the spambucket was getting full. I came across an interesting message, one of those annoying little surveys that people send all over the place with GBs of headers, clogging up the internet and raising the prices for everyone, slowly but surely… but I digress, and [...]

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