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More Speaking in Blogs

Brent Murray wrote: So, trying to figure out what would be the moral action in an impossible fantasy is pointless.
I’m not so sure I agree, Brent, though I certainly do appreciate the point you’re trying to make. We can’t take some work of fiction, some crazy impossible hypothetical, and say, “This proves that (A [...]

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New comment sent to Tommy Black

New comment I just sent to TB…
re: following reasoning… at
A quote from The Senior applies well here:
“A person who cannot handle mathematics is not fully human. At best, he is a walking sub-human who has learned to dress himself and eat without making a mess.”
What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Unless you’re [...]

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Damn Straight!

Good article on MagicTurtle.
Top three places the government doesn’t belong:
1) In our wallets.
2) In our business.
3) In our beds.

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