Projects Galore!

At our support meeting here at DSI, we all agreed that there is a great need for our internal documents to be organized in some kind of orderly fashion. I’m envisioning an intranet that is so damn useful that every tech will have it open in their browsers all day long, simply because it is the fastest way to get all the information that they need regularly.

Project 1: http://eie/support
Design a corporate intranet to reduce the number of times each day that I have to answer another tech’s questions. Intranet site should be searchable, link to all of the relevant documentation on our network. There must be handy how2s and faqs on a wide variety of topics. Ease of maintenance is absolutely critical. Provide helpful walk-throughs for new techs.
Visual design elements are secondary. Just has to be useful and EASY.
Bonus points: make the site forward-compatible so that it can be easily adapted into a public support/VAR site.

Cost: On Salary at DSI.

ETA: ASAP. Meeting with support manager next week to show him a prototype.

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  1. On March 18th, 2004 at 19:44:29, Schlueterica Said:

    I’m going crazyYep, I said it would happen. And it is. I’m currently reinstalling IIS. Don’t ask. A new skin may show up here some time that will be radically different. But first I’ve got to recover from trying to run Apache and IIS together, and from trying to…

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