Projects Galore!


Up ass-early in the morning. Taxi, train, and bang, I’m in LA running around Chinatown with the pops.

My illustrious father just got a new job with a company called Lien on Me. On my trip up to LA this weekend, I heard all about the long and interesting break with NHQ. (Can’t post the gory details here, since there may be some legal issues that need to be resolved.)

Project 2:
Create a dynamic webpage where clients can log in and view claims that they are tracking. Automate the process of sending status reports to clients. Create a form for clients and prospects to use Lien On Me’s formula to calculate estimates for claim negotiation benefits. Comply with web standards in order to maximize accessibility, efficiency, and SEO.

Cost: Waiting on sample data.

ETA: Waiting on sample data. Will most likely begin research and initial development next weekend or next week some time.

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  1. On March 18th, 2004 at 19:44:29, Schlueterica Said:

    I’m going crazyYep, I said it would happen. And it is. I’m currently reinstalling IIS. Don’t ask. A new skin may show up here some time that will be radically different. But first I’ve got to recover from trying to run Apache and IIS together, and from trying to…

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