Projects Galore!

Saturday night/Sunday

I met with Eric, and we worked out a plan for the project that is still nameless. (A catchy name is key, and is one of the things that needs to be developed.) While I’m still skeptical that any significant amount of money can be made with this, I’m sure that it will be fun, and won’t cost much in a worst-case scenario. It’ll be good to get all sorts of pro-reason information in one place.

Eric and Leigh moved into a new place, which is great. They’re saving lots of money each month, and got away from some horrible roommates. Midas (their rotweiller) has gotten huge, and desperately needs to get his balls snipped off.
Eric: Never in my life did I think that a dog bone would be such a crucial item to have on hand.

We discussed a few things that we want on the site, directions to go with it.

Project 3: URL yet to be determined
Build a site that promotes proper thinking techniques, including a web forum, essays on philosophical topics, lists of fallacies and FAQs, and an overall high-level of user-interaction. Set up partnerships with Amazon and other companies to sell things on the site for a profit.

Cost: Maybe nothing, maybe as much as $1200. And a cut of the profits, which may of course turn out to be a cut of nothing.

ETA: ASAP (of course!)

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  1. On March 18th, 2004 at 19:44:29, Schlueterica Said:

    I’m going crazyYep, I said it would happen. And it is. I’m currently reinstalling IIS. Don’t ask. A new skin may show up here some time that will be radically different. But first I’ve got to recover from trying to run Apache and IIS together, and from trying to…

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