Whatever happened to Cartoon Network?

I’ve been meaning to rant about this for some time now, and Saille beat me to it. When I read the title, I thought, “Aha, this is just the incentive I need to get off my rump and sit on my rump to bang out a quick Cartoon-Network-bash-session!” Before I knew it, I was lost in the moment, leaving a comment full of vile vitriol, venting my spleen at the Hoary Wickedness that is Miguzi.

Read on for my comment, or just go visit the source.

OMFG I know what you mean!

Excuse me while I join your rant.

In their defense, Cartoon Network is now playing the action block of Adult Swim on Saturday nights, right after 3 hours of Toonami. But Miguzi sucks so much balls it’s not even funny. What the hell? Kids should be watching screaming alien ape men with super powers, not TMNT and Totally Spies. Vegeta may be, like, a totally, like, maniacal and like, homocidal-type guy, but at least, like, he doesn’t, like, abuse the like, language, like, ALL the like, time, like those bimbos. ARRGGGHH!! My frustration at Cartoon Network has begun to border on the obscene lately.

And when are we going to actually see Majin Buu get defeated for chrissakes? I followed DBZ series a few years ago right up until the point when evil kid buu made his entrance. And then the show restarted. Understandable, since at the time, that was the last episode to be released by Funimation in the US. So, when I heard that the complete series was released, I was ecstatic. “Yay!,” I thought. “I’ll finally see the end of one of my favorite series!”

But then they got only 2 episodes further than I’d already seen, restarted the series (skipping over many of the best episodes,) and stopped right when evil kid buu shows up!!!

At least there’s still Adult Swim. I really won’t be happy until they play nothing but Adult Swim and Toonami all the time. How about ditching Cartoon Network and just having a Dragonball channel? After all, that’s what CN effectively WAS for a while, and it was a lovely and beautiful thing. Makes me think more and more about getting a TiVO.

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