My Family

A few years back, my father went through a geneology phase. There’s some interesting family trees that he researched, and since fried pointed me to it today, I decided it was high time I blog it.

The really interesting stuff are the old stories, that I guess are no longer available via the links on that page. (Probably has to do with the fact that my dad changed his earthlink account around a while back.) I’m not sure if the adventurous entrepreneurial wanderlust is genetic, or if we learn it, or if it’s something else, but it’s definitely something that I can trace pretty far back up the tree. When I think about my leap to the west coast, which seemed so obviously and simply right and easy to me, but struck most of my friends as unthinkably bold and crazy, I tend to start thinking that I can do anything. But then I think, “What if it wasn’t California, but another country, across an ocean, where they speak a language that I don’t? What if I was 40 and had 10 kids? Would I move to gain my freedom?”

I’d like to think I would.
I’m very glad that my ancestor did.

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