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b2evo Forums

This is a link to the forums at I do a lot of posting over there, so this link is here for my convenience.

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Whatever happened to Cartoon Network?

I’ve been meaning to rant about this for some time now, and Saille beat me to it. When I read the title, I thought, “Aha, this is just the incentive I need to get off my rump and sit on my rump to bang out a quick Cartoon-Network-bash-session!” Before I knew it, I [...]

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Stats Check

Checked my stats today. Latest Googles:
Randian Philosophy Outline
I came up first on this one. Take that, ARI! (As if more proof was required that the ARI’s site needs reworking, the actual randian philosophy outline didn’t even show up in the search results.)
Funky Word Designs
This one was weird. The search form’s “All [...]

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