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The site of Douglas Bowman, who’s written some articles for A List Apart and created a few designs for CSS Zen Garden. His site is beautiful, and I am linking to it primarily for that reason. I plan on ripping of–ahem, learning from–some of the visual elements that he uses so nicely at [...]

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A Googlebomb for Passover

I’m not Jewish, but I learned today that google turns up an anti-semitic site as the first link when you search for Jew, and I’ve decided to help out the Jews who are Jewish with a little non-Jew-bashing linkbomb. The purpose of this Judaism post is not to talk about Jews or Jewish topics at [...]

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My Family

A few years back, my father went through a geneology phase. There’s some interesting family trees that he researched, and since fried pointed me to it today, I decided it was high time I blog it.
The really interesting stuff are the old stories, that I guess are no longer available via the links on [...]

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