Bionic Enhancements

Enhancing ourselves with technology is perhaps the best part of being human. When the world is not to our liking, or we lack some skill we want, technology is always there to save the day.

All about adapting the world to my body’s liking.

Read on for the exciting adventures of acquisition of toys.

I had gone to Jasmine Nguyen (”Nguyen” is pron. “win”) last week just before my vision insurance ran out. (Bastards. Replacing great stuff like VSP with chiropractic coverage? Come on, like 80% of the company wears glasses!) The new specs came in Friday.

Last time I’d bought glasses, I had no job. While playing at Pacific Beach, I lost my glasses in the Pacific Ocean. Dr. Nguyen was the only optometrist who could see me right now, and I’m really very badly debilitated with un-corrected vision. Completely useless. Anyhow, the point of the story is, because she was desparate for business, I got a really great deal, which is good because I didn’t have much money, so they totally saved the day. Plus the service was spectacular. But enough plugging.

I got the cheapest glasses that I could manage and afford. (Amazingly, those were a pair of Georgio Armanis. Like I said, I got a great deal.) This time, since Blue Shield was footing most of the bill, I splurged. They tint in the sun, they’ve got anti-reflective coating, they’re thin, scratch resistant, you name it, I got it. (Dr. Nguyen’s assistant is an incredible salesperson. A good seller always makes the buying more fun.)
Man, it’s SO worth it. If you wear glasses, get AR coating, and transitions lenses. The world is a nicer thing to look at now.

(I don’t think I’ll ever really get completely used to the way that everything moves back and forth when you turn your head with new glasses. It’s neat how the brain filters it out automatically after a short while.)

Next stop on the train of gadgety goodness was LA to visit Anne and do some shopping. We hit the local REI. My bag has been falling apart, so I picked up a new Gregory backpack, that also has room for my Camelback resivoir.

Anne hasn’t been satisfied with her boots. She tried on a few different pairs. (We had a great salesperson, and again, that just always makes it more fun, plus Anne is great to shop with anyway. Quick, but not impatient.) Once he found her a pair of boots that she loved (genius, I tells ya,) our salesperson showed her that the source of the problem wasn’t the boot, but the fact that didn’t have the proper support. She ended up getting a pair of fancy-schmancy $90.00 custom-made Superfeet insoles. I opted for the non-custom $30.00 variety. If they’d had a pair of Jungle Mocs in my size, then they would have had a sale. (Speaking the Jungle Moc, it’s by far the best shoe I’ve ever owned. Highly recommended.)

I didn’t realize how uncomfortable my feet were until I fixed the problem. I recommend that you run, walk, or hobble to the nearest store that sells this kind of stuff, and get yourself a pair of Superfeet.

Yep. Technology makes life happier.

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