New b2evolution

I upgraded to a new version of b2evolution, version 0.9. This version has a lot of features that have been highly requested by many users.

Overall impression: Very nice.
The most striking enhancements are that nearly everything is handled in the backoffice. Config file editing is something that throws off a lot of users who aren’t familiar with php, and so that’s been largely removed. The backoffice now contains a lot of settings that might be a little overwhelming, but still not nearly as overwhelming to the average user as having to open files and tinker with code. This makes it MUCH easier to keep my local and remote copies of Schlueterica more in sync.

Most of the sloppy template tags have been replaced by class member functions. Again, not something that will be noticed by most people, but it was no small task getting the autumn skin to behave properly. I revised just about every aspect of this skin. The archive sideitem now starts where the recent posts leave off. I wrapped all of the plain-text words in the T_() function, so it supports localization. I also made the pages link look like it should.

Last but not least, the Auto-BR function has been upgraded to Auto-P, for better XHTML. (Note: When I posted this, I realized that Auto-P doesn’t seem to do anything just yet.)

I haven’t updated the other skins, so for the time being, you’ll notice that some pages here don’t work.

Just realized: Archives don’t work in clean mode just yet. Since the advantages of clean urls outweigh the disadvantages of not having working archives, it’ll be broken kluged till it’s fixed. If you spot any other errors, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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  1. On May 18th, 2004 at 21:00:58, saille Said:

    @!#$ I hear today about the upgrade and my site is down! It’s like the universe knows or something…but anyway, I was happiest to see that this version has an internal spam thingie. Probably what I’ll use the most.

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