Where Does Salt Come From?

Says the one to the other, “It comes out of the ground, like metal. They have to heat it up to purify it, like it melts out or something.”

Says the other to the one, “No, no, I’m telling you, it’s from the ocean. They evaporate all the water out, and then that’s where the salt comes from.”

Blonde: “But then there’d be all the fish and algea and stuff in it.”

Brunette: “Well, that’s why they heat it up. Salt doesn’t melt you know.” (Ouch! Point for the Blonde! And a point deducted from the Brunette for trying to sound smart when she isn’t! According to Morton, the melting point of salt is 800.8?C or 1,473.4?F.)

The bus came. I chose a seat close enough to watch the show continue.

Blonde: “Salt does too melt. What do you think happens when you put it in water?” (Ok, you just lost the point. The scores are still tied up at Stupid.)

That one threw the brunette for a loop. She tried to gently change the subject without admitting defeat.

Brunette: “I wonder how the salt gets into the ocean, anyway…”

I could barely restrain myself. Oh! Oh! There’s a question! And I know the answer! But they’re stupid, and if I talk to them, then they’ll talk back. On the other hand, they’re both pretty hot, and if I talk to them, they’ll talk back. Damn my standards!

2 Responses to “Where Does Salt Come From?”

  1. On May 6th, 2004 at 10:16:23, Graham Said:

    LOL! I’ll have to try this some time…

  2. On May 9th, 2004 at 05:19:33, George Said:

    Funny shit. Now I know what to do in that situation.

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