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Fun with htaccess

The content of this post refers to my old host, Beigetower. Some of the things here don’t apply. As always, I take zero responsibility for outdated content. You’ve been warned!
I realize that my site has been crashing all day. Sorry about that. (Miraculously, Saille managed to leave a [...]

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New b2evolution…17th_

I upgraded to a new version of b2evolution, version 0.9. This version has a lot of features that have been highly requested by many users.
Overall impression: Very nice.

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It finally happened

For more than 6 months, it was quiet and private. Even my family didn’t know about it. Sometimes I forgot it existed. But web-slinging robots of doom got ahold of my beigetower email address today.
In addition to these new ones, there were 12 read messages. 6 of those were [...]

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