Seems to be working again

After much reworking of php and XHTML, and a few hacks, it looks like Schlueterica is back up. Quick run-down:

  1. Got everything for version from the CVS. Just a few relatively minor bug-fixes.
  2. Fixed some things to make the color switching work again (I had broken it :oops: )
  3. Re-enabled trackbacks Yep. Still broken. OK, it wasn’t really broken. My mistake. *
  4. Validated the XHTML
  5. Completely reworked the feedback page for the new version. (If you’re logged in, it doesn’t make you enter username and password.)

The drawback is, my autumn skin won’t validate without a modification to the b2evolution back-end. So, unless they decide to include this, or give me write access to the CVS, I can’t release it on Still going to be working on the other ones, though. And I think I’m going to make a knock-off skin based on either the Movable Type default or one of the new Blogger looks.

*If you send a pingback to a trackback URL, b2evo punishes you with an infinite loop, it seems.

One Response to “Seems to be working again”

  1. On May 27th, 2004 at 13:34:09, Walter Said:

    ehehhehe … We will have a new upgrade fast .. Make all again.. ;-)

    - Walter

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