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b2evolution IRC


The b2evolution IRC channel. You have to have ChatZilla or some other IRC client integrated with your web browser for the link to work.

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DnD Campaign

Last time, our heroes had encountered a scaly egg-laying thing, and were completely in the dark about the Imaskari. Since we didn’t manage to play today, I decided that I’d blog what’s gone on so far.
Wow, reading over the last DnD post, I’m sort of overwhelmed about where to begin. I’m sure that [...]

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Auto-Acronym Plugin

I created my first plugin for b2evo last night. It will automatically add the markup to add title attributes to known acronyms. So, if I type “PHP” in my post, it automatically turns that into <acronym title=”PHP: Hypertext Processor”>PHP</acronym> in your browser.
I’m still working out a few of the bugs, and it seems [...]

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