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This is one of those sites that I seem to land on often, so I’m finally linking to it. Every time that I search for some random bit of HTML info, I always seem to land at Yucca Korpela’s site. Usually, I get the info I want, and I’m off. Just recently, I decided to poke around a bit, and found that it’s truly an amazing repository of insightful commentary and useful information about all aspects of modern communication.

There’s a great discussion about English as the “official language of the Internet.” A few quotes:

There is no conceivable way in which any authority could define an official language for the Internet. The Internet as a whole is not controlled by anyone or anything, and this could only change if, by miracle, all countries made an agreement on it or if the entire world were taken to the control of one government.

Thus, if the question “whether or not English should be made the universal language of the internet” is interpreted as concerning the official status of English, the answer is simply that English, or any other language, cannot be made the official universal language. It is fruitless to ask whether an impossible thing should be made.

…Roughly speaking, the universal language of the Internet is clumsy, coarse and misspelled “English”.

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