Featured Skin!


Graham, one of the b2evolution devs, so graciously offered to upgrade my Moonrise skin to be 0.9 compatible.

And guess what! I’m the creator of the newest featured skin! Yipee!

And I proved once again that I’m my own worst critic.
6/9/2004 11:47:32 Graham: The skin’s all finished. link removed
6/9/2004 11:47:37 Isaac: kewl
6/9/2004 11:47:51 Isaac: now that i’m seeing it again, there’s a few things I really don’t like…
6/9/2004 11:47:52 Graham: although I might try and add in the email hack
6/9/2004 11:48:04 Isaac: Mainly, sharing email addresses publicly. very bad.
6/9/2004 11:48:12 Isaac: also, some stylistic things.
6/9/2004 11:48:15 Graham: yup, thats what I thought
6/9/2004 11:48:17 Isaac: I’m a harsh critic of myself.
6/9/2004 11:48:24 Graham: it looks great!
6/9/2004 11:48:27 Isaac: meh
6/9/2004 11:48:33 Isaac: spacing’s all fucked up
6/9/2004 11:48:34 Graham: it’ll be the best skin on the site…
6/9/2004 11:48:49 Isaac: some fonts don’t match quite right.
6/9/2004 11:49:03 Graham: it looks ok to me
6/9/2004 11:49:03 Isaac: i didn’t see it at the time, but looking at it once i’m not knee-deep in it, i see the problems.
6/9/2004 11:49:09 Isaac: well… thanks.
6/9/2004 11:49:12 Isaac: :)
6/9/2004 11:49:18 Isaac: like I said, I’m my harshest critic
6/9/2004 11:49:55 Isaac: moonrise 2.0 will be better…

3 Responses to “Featured Skin!”

  1. On June 9th, 2004 at 15:50:53, Graham Said:

    Lol, thanks for the links. The one pointing to ‘featured skin’ is wrong, though.

  2. On June 9th, 2004 at 15:54:21, Isaac Schlueter Said:

    Wow, Graham, that was fast!

  3. On June 9th, 2004 at 15:58:02, tin-men Said:

    More SkinsWell, most of today was spent getting Isaac’s Moonrise evoSkin working with b2evolution 0.9.0.x. It looks good, no?

    You can go get it for yourself at skins.b2evolution.net.

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