New Home

Some of you may have noticed that my site consisted of a big fat 502: Bad Gateway error lately. Well, I’ve had enough. Schlueterica has moved over to it’s new home.

A free webhost is like an abusive lover:
Always apologizing and swearing it’s the last time.
“Really, we’re sorry, and we’re fixing it. It’s something with the new servers we installed. This won’t happen again.”
Always assuring you that “things will get really good soon.”
“Oh, you’re leaving? That’s too bad. We’re gonna have CPanel installed any day now.” Yeah. Like I didn’t hear that 3 months ago. :roll:

And you keep getting beat up.

I really can’t say enough good things about my new host. I get 450MB of storage, 10GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited subdomains and email addresses, CPanel, MySQL, PHP, Apache, CGI, etc., etc., all for only $4/month. Not to mention, I have a domain name that actually means something.

The migration was actually pretty easy. The phpMyAdmin servers came up before the rest of BeigeTower, even though shell access wasn’t, so I was able to snag my data from there and import it into the DB here at Then I just had to copy all my files, modify a few config settings, and I’m up and running. All that still has to be done is to set up forwarding on the BeigeTower site, and perform a few other nips and tucks.

I’m very pleased with this.

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