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IT and Communication

This is one of those sites that I seem to land on often, so I’m finally linking to it. Every time that I search for some random bit of HTML info, I always seem to land at Yucca Korpela’s site. Usually, I get the info I want, and I’m off. Just recently, [...]

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The Meaning of Life

The “meaning of the word ‘life’” is clearly not what someone is looking for when they ask “What is the meaning of life?”, as Tim Mawson so eloquently pointed out. We all know what “life” means, to a certain extent, so this answer turns on an equivocation of the word “meaning.” What the [...]

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MySQL Manual

MySQL is a great little program. I’ve been using it quite extensively lately with the WebReports project. Not quite like the MSSQL I’ve come to love, so I’m putting this link here to have quick access to the manual. Like PHP, it has a really great manual.

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