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Temporary Redirect

I found out tonight that the “HTTP 1.1/307 Temporary Redirect” header will cause IE 6.0 (but not 6.1) to die with a “DNS or Server not found” error message.
I recommend using “301 Moved Permanently” for permanently moved resources, and “302 Found” for a “working redirect” that’s a part of normal script operation. Always include [...]

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Blue Robot

Lots of handy layouts and super-simple methods to do some pretty sophisticated stuff with CSS and XHTML.

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b2evolution version, codenamed “Oslo” for the home of two people who did a lot of bug testing. This is reportedly the most stable version of b2evolution that has ever been released, and likely the most stable release that we’ll see for a long time.
I loaded it locally, and the update will likely happen [...]

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