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New Home

Some of you may have noticed that my site consisted of a big fat 502: Bad Gateway error lately. Well, I’ve had enough. Schlueterica has moved over to it’s new home.
A free webhost is like an abusive lover:
Always apologizing and swearing it’s the last time.
“Really, we’re sorry, and we’re fixing it. It’s [...]

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François PLANQUE

François Planque is the Project Leader for b2evolution. As such, I think we all owe him a big debt of gratitude, and taking this long to get around to blogrolling him is kinda low, so sorry ’bout that.
He’s a funny guy, very friendly, and completely blows the “All French People Suck” theory to smithereens [...]

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Graham is one of the other b2evo regulars. He brought it to my attention today that I haven’t blogrolled him, and I nearly gasped! (I didn’t, of course. Gasping is for sissies.)
I think that I’m going to create a new category for “b2evo people” in my blogroll. But for now, they’re [...]

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