Recursive Statistics

There’s been a lot of activity lately at Schlueterica. Probably has to do with being linked like crazy from the b2evolution site, especially the forums.

I decided to check my stats, since I seem to have been getting more traffic than usual.

First of all, I found that my Scams and Spams category is the biggest SEO I’ve got goin’ for me. People often search google for keywords found in suspicious emails, and I like to blog my findings. This is good stuff, because I’m providing (more or less) what they’re looking for, and exposing them to my other content, as well.

Second, I had a problem with the “robots” META tag. It’s set to content="all" on my stats page. So, the first user finds me in google. Then, some time later, googlebot spiders my page, and indexes the stats page. Successive search engine hits link to the stats page instead of the content, which only tells the reader what they searched for, which they already know! :oops: It’s been fixed, and google’s archive should be updated within 24 hours.

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