Semi-quarterly Stat Check

Some interesting things have been falling in the stat bucket lately. Too interesting, in fact, to avoid commenting on them.

First the “[no query string found]” business. b2evolution is pre-configured to grab the string that the user searched for, but it can’t always do that.
With this search referral, you’ll note that the URI contains a parameter named “encquery”, followed by a ton of numbers. So, they’re encoding their queries now? If I’d gotten a hit from this search, then it would have been obvious.

The next one was a search for “friendlymatch”. I assume they were looking for Jane.

miguzi sucks
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I get this one in my referrals about once a month. The hits point to the “Teen Girl Squad” blogroll entry.
The hits always come from Yahoo’s Japanese site.
Draw your own conclusions.

Naturist blogs
This is another one that comes up fairly often. (The Senior getting me into trouble.) I got a little curious about what a “Naturist Blog” would be like, and I came across this obvious bit of comment spam. (In fact, it looks like it’s advertising a comment spam program.) It also appears to be an outdated URL or something, because the original post is at a new URL, and has no comments. Shorewalker looks like an interesting site. Bookmarked, maybe it’ll be blogged later.

corneria -starfox
So, someone was looking for “Corneria”, but not in relationship to “Starfox”. I wonder what they were looking for. Perhaps something to do with Final Fantasy? Nevertheless, I’m glad that the tales of our geekery interested such a person, and it’s cool that I came up first in the list.

Someone in Canada searched for b2evolution. I suppose being included in the default installation helps with those.

evil DND campaign
Hahah… Yes, yes they are quite evil at times, aren’t they?
I’ll post more in that area soon, I promise.

I keep getting a whole bunch of people looking for ns-5s. I’m sixth on Yahoo, third on MSN, but only third-page on google.
Anyway, Good news: I just saw the movie last night, and will be reviewing it as soon as I get around to it.

One Response to “Semi-quarterly Stat Check”

  1. On July 28th, 2004 at 05:08:40, psionichamster Said:

    ya know, i’ve found that the only times i do NOT commit evil actions in DnD, Morrowind, Fallout, or other open-ended rpgs is when there are immediate, long-term negative consequences…otherwise, torture them villagers, burn that house down, and hire the gobbys rather than kill em all. then get hired to kill em when they attack.
    is that wrong?
    the hammy one!

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