I’m reading Trains of Thought, and it’s making me think of experience design in a whole new way. Pieces of concepts that had been floating around in my mindscape are finally finding a home, and getting along with the other chunks of thought that they didn’t agree with previously. It’s a wonderful experience.

Looking for info about the movie, I, Robot, I came across the NS-5 website. What a work of genius that is! Except for the references to Asimov’s writing and the utter sci-fi nature of the product, you’d never know that it’s not an actual advertisement for a fantastic product. It’s absolutely stellar experience design - and made me anticipate the movie even more!

In the process, I also came across the actual iRobot site. (iRobot is the company that makes the Roomba vacuum, the PackBot, and is working on lots of other cool stuff.) I’ve now got two companies on my dream-job list - iRobot and Google.

Before that, though, I’ve got a few other things to finish up, and have to go back to school.

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