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Downhill Battle (An open letter to music thieves)

I came across this website today that seems to be proclaiming the virtues of stolen IP. The overriding theme in their message is: Big companies are bad. They screw artists. You should steal from them.
In the long run, stealing cuts into the earnings of everyone involved in creating a resource. If [...]

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New Skin

I’m just calling it “Isaac” for now. If I had a brand, then this would be the look. #000, #eee, #f90, #048, and #562.
I’ve been meaning on putting together a skin with this sort of feel for a while now. It started out as Graham’s London skin. I really like how [...]

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I’m reading Trains of Thought, and it’s making me think of experience design in a whole new way. Pieces of concepts that had been floating around in my mindscape are finally finding a home, and getting along with the other chunks of thought that they didn’t agree with previously. It’s a wonderful experience.
Looking [...]

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