Employee of the Month

I don’t often write about DSI, but today warrants it.

A reminder of just how great the holidays can be, a new employee of the month, and a respite in tough times. We had our monthly company meeting today. Those are always fun.

We’re in the process of releasing a very major build of elligence. Tons of new features, which means, tons of new bugs - this is our riskiest build since 1.0. The product team has been working like crazy to give this build as much QA as possible, and our QA dept has done an incredible (albeit mostly thankless) job of finding (what we hope to be) the mammoth’s share of problems. In Tech Support, we’ve been juggling the pseudo-promises from the product team, client expectations, and at the same time, pushing off any issues that are fixed in the new version. Yes, ma’am, I understand that this is a major problem, and it is corrected in our upcoming version. No, I’m not sure when 3.0 will be released, but it should be very soon.

Next week keeps turning into the week after that. Tomorrow turns into Wednesday. We’re up to 3.0.0101 now, and still haven’t had a release that we feel comfortable sending out to our clients.
We’ve had betas lasting the better part of this year now, and we’re moving now into our Phase II betas. A few people have said, “We don’t want to be the first ones,” perhaps having been burned in the past by “new” software that hasn’t yet been tested in the real world.

Of course, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, really. In the long run, the extensive testing, long betas, and careful releases are going to result in a better product which is easier to support. With the amount of in-house and beta testing that’s already been put into this build, I am really looking forward to seeing it go out. (Part of me is almost sorry that I’m leaving tech support soon, in light of this - but not really ;) The real problems will be in “How do I do such-and-such in this new version,” which I’ll be combatting as Knowledge Manager.)

Hopes are high, but it’s a rough spot to be in right now. The meeting was a great morale booster, and highly needed. There was much appreciation of each team’s contributions and accomplishments, with applause and bowing and whatnot.

We sing happy birthday for all the people born that month. Clearly, lots of people get lucky between Thanksgiving and Christmas - roughly half the company was born in August.

Every month, the managers each nominate someone for employee of the month. The names get put into a hat, and one is picked. The lucky employee gets a plaque, a $300 bonus, and around $300 in work-related goodies (typically a new monitor or something.)

So, in honor of my “Mastery of our software and customer service skills” (so sayeth The Plaque), I’ll most likely be looking at a LCD flat-screen at work sometime soon. And the $300 ain’t shabby either :)

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