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Simplifying the Modified Simplified Box Model Hack

I’ve been working on putting a table-based layout into CSS and semantic XHTML, and having a monkey of a time getting everything kosher across browsers.
I decided to use the Simplified Box Model Hack (Tan Hack) to get around IE5 oddness with CSS Widths for the following reasons:

It is a very small amount of code to [...]

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Employee of the Month

I don’t often write about DSI, but today warrants it.
A reminder of just how great the holidays can be, a new employee of the month, and a respite in tough times. We had our monthly company meeting today. Those are always fun.

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Isaac at

I decided it’s high time that I post a link to help people find some of my contributions on the php website. Hopefully, this search will always be reasonably up to date. I’ll try to make sure to add new posts to googlebot’s queue whenever I post something new, but of course, even [...]

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