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Informatic Synergy

I took some much-needed vacation time not long ago, and came back to a superbly synergistic situation. I’m going to be doing some exciting things at DSI, which is good news for me. And, since it will mean a much better chance of keeping me around, it’s very good news for my employers. [...]

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Torqued is the b2evolution weblog of Brian Strazscwiscxhzsomething, a coworker of mine at DSI. He’s either a great con artist or one of the best new TSRs that we’ve gotten in a long time, and proof that people who play with open-source stuff in their spare time tend to be the best choices for [...]

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1976 Design

I’ve got a really bad (or maybe not so bad) habit of reading a blog for a long time before I decide to blogroll it. Dunstan Orchard has one of the best blogs that I’ve seen anywhere. His graphics are beautiful, his design is elegant, his whiz-bang-gee-gaws are actually useful, and his writing [...]

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